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HOW TO GET INSURED AS E-HAILING DRIVER | Do you provide e-Hailing services for Grab, EaziCar, DIFF, PicknGo, MULA, and MyCar? Do you know it's essential for you to be covered, and a basic auto insurance policy does not give you the necessary coverage when providing e-Hailing service? When your car gets into an accident during an e-hailing ride, you run the risk of not being covered, except you purchase an add-on coverage to your existing auto insurance policy.

What Is E- Hailing Service?

The E-hailing services are known to be on-demand vehicle acquisition that allows users seeking a ride to make their journey request, which drivers can respond to. The Service relies on network dependency and a specific digital application to connect riders with drivers through the Internet. Since the launch of Grab, Malaysia's e-hailing industry has continued to grow immensely in the transportation industry. It has triggered significant disruptions in the ride-hailing market, which was usually controlled by the taxi industry.

I Already Have Auto Insurance; Why Should I Get E-Hailing Insurance?

By now, you already know that it is required by the law to ensure your private car before you can legally take it for a ride. A standard auto insurance policy does not cover e-hailing services. When you use your car for e-hailing, your car will be classified as a public service vehicle (PSV).

You can easily add e-hailing add-on coverage to the policy you're currently carrying, be it third-party, third-party fire and theft, or a comprehensive car insurance plan. However, some insurance companies only add the e-hailing add-on to complete policy, but others provide e-haling coverage to third-party and third-party, fire, and theft.

Having both a private vehicle insurance policy and e-hailing insurance coverage is a brilliant move for e-hailing drivers because it helps minimize legal and monetary dangers that you may run into. Without e-hailing insurance coverage, you may need to dive deeper into your pocket to cover for the misfortune and damages to passengers and the third party in case of an accident.

Regulations For E-Hailing

For e-hailing drivers, the Malaysian government has imposed strict requirements by requiring drivers to get a PSV license and pass criminal records and medical checks. They also must not have been blacklisted by JPJ or PDRM. It is likewise a requirement to provide insurance coverage for the driver, passenger, and third parties. More so, drivers must undergo a 6-hour training module. Such regulatory measures are ostensibly necessary to ensure e-hailing driver principles are streamlined in the transportation service industry, irrespective of whether they are e-hailing or cabbies.

How To Get Insurance Coverage As E-hailing Driver

To get e-hailing insurance coverage in Malaysia is simple and easy. You can walk into any auto insurance company and request e-hailing add-on coverage. The coverage complements your basic auto insurance policy, providing you with solid protection that will protect you, your car, and your passengers.

More so, you can purchase the add-on online at Purchasing the add-on at Fincrew will allow you to compare auto insurance quotes from a different insurer, which will help you decide the best coverage that is well suited to your needs.


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