HOW TO MAKE FOOD VIDEOS FOR YOUTUBE - VIDEO EDITING TUTORIALS - HOW TO EDIT COOKING VIDEO IN MOBILE | Whether you are a casual surfer looking for meals or a professional chef with a video side hustle, it is a guaranteed method to keep viewers coming back for more to shoot the correct coverage of their culinary demos.

There are many aspects to make entertaining culinary films; compounds such as lighting, frame rates, color to produce a delicious finished result that is simple to consume. We have created a recipe for cooking content using our preferred methods of set-up and postproduction.

Here are 5 tips that can help you craft amazing food videos for YouTube. This will be followed by a quick tutorial that will enable almost anyone to create and edit a food video straight on their mobile phones using an online video editor. Let’s get started!

5 Tips to Create Food Videos for YouTube 

1. Ensure consistency in your Video Posts

Consistency is the most essential, beyond everything else. You must provide continuous material to make your YouTube channel effective. In addition, the YouTube algorithm prefers channels with greater time and a good method to increase your time is by uploading consistently.

Subscribers are looking forward to seeing your video every week if you post it on the same day. Ideally, you should want to upload a new video every week to get the best possible result.

However, if you cannot comply with that timetable, don't beat yourself. Try posting and create high graphic movies as frequently as you can.

2. Create a Thumbnail for your Videos

The significance of pictures should not be emphasized to food bloggers. After all, we eat with our eyes first! For YouTube, the same principle applies. The popularity of a YouTube video may be created or broken by a video thumbnail.

And the main aspect of thumbnails is coherence, exactly like your movie schedule. Viewers should be able to reach your channel and grasp your aesthetics immediately and grasp what your brand is about.

 3. Integrate Links wherever Possible

Links within movies are essential much like links inside blog articles. A video is a great tool that allows your visitors to check out any product, service, and website.

Moreover, there are so many locations where you may connect to YouTube, so there are really infinite possibilities! When a viewer subscribes, there is a high possibility that they will follow you elsewhere. Why not make it as simple for them?

4. Emphasize Video SEO

SEO is as essential for YouTube as it is for blogging. Make sure you have a clear keyword strategy before uploading your video. In addition, you want to make sure that you create both the material you want and the stuff you search for.

So what are you doing? Begin by researching certain keywords to establish an assault strategy. When looking for your keywords, make sure you maintain a working list of your ideas so that when the time comes to plan your films and make them referenced later.

5. Improve your Video Watch Metrics

Have you always started watching a YouTube video, but become bored and navigated away? YouTube monitors how a video engages by examining the number of people who begin and watch it.

When YouTube sees that a video does not play completely (that is many people who don’t go to the end of it), it doesn't display that video as frequently at the top of the search results.

The ideal method to accomplish this is to display the videos which are the most attractive and useful at the top of the search results. YouTube wants users to have an amazing experience.

The same principle applies to the videos suggested by YouTube as well. YouTube will want to recommend it to other people if your video is extremely attractive.

How to Edit a Food Video for YouTube on Mobile using InVideo?

Whether you want to create a recipe video or a video from the perspective of a food vlogger, InVideo can help you fulfill all your video creation aspirations. There are platforms out there that require you to leverage fully-fledged heavy-duty software to fulfill your video creation requirements.

However, with InVideo, you can edit quality food videos straight on your mobile devices. Owing to its cloud-based nature, InVideo does not require you to download any app to your smartphone, and all the editing can be performed straight in your browser window.

The tool has all the features that can enable the creation of quality food videos that instantly appeal to viewers. So, if you are looking to create food videos, here are the steps that will help you make an appealing food clip using InVideo.

Step 1: Log in to the InVideo platform after navigating to the website. 

Step 2: Choose from among two options: Pre-existing templates or Blank Canvas.

Step 3: Once you decide on the template, integrate custom sports video elements and add relevant music from the stock collection or upload your own.

Step 4: Insert additional key components to improve video quality, such as slow-motion, voice-over, and special effects.

Step 5: Cut, trim and close up the video needed to appear even better.

Step 6: Please watch your video before posting it anywhere, check for any misplay and save the movie after you have finished editing.

Step 7: Finally, export the video to your computer or share it directly on your preferred social media platform.


This is everything you need to know for crafting delicious food videos. With InVideo, you can bring ease to almost any video project, and is not just limited to food videos. Once you get the hang of it, you can create amazing food videos within a few minutes, and right on your smartphone! Isn’t that amazing?