Assalamualaikum! first of all excuse my bad english hehe im still trying ;)

so today i gonna review another  KLAVUU product that i received last week. Its an AQUA CUSHION!!! this is not my first time using cushion, i had tried more than one cushion before this but i found this aqua cushion is the best. this is my an honest confession; this aqua cushion is very very very suitable with my skin tone. im using the #23 color. for those who like korean cosmetic, you should get this aqua cushion a.s.a.p!

before this, when im using another cushion, when i applied it on my face, my face looks like a ghost hahaha! you know what i mean? even though they said the 23 shade gonna looks natural but it still look too light for my skin tone. and its also looks so cracked on my face. i only use the cushion once and never touch it anymore -___-

for me la kan, i do like to wear makeup to look natural hehehehe bukannya bercapuk putih macam hantu :p so i prefer this aqua cushion bcs i loooks sooo natural to me la.

why i like this aqua cushion?

* the packaging is so nice! and i like blue hehaha!
* its have SPF 50+ PA+++ sunblock.
* the texture are so soft and its also moisturize your skin

* easy to blend.
* its has a good smell too :p
* its can cover the scar, pimple and whatever on your face hahaha!
* its also can whiten your skin
* its looks natural on you skin

fyi, this aqua cushion have two color which is #21 (light) and #23 (natural) but guess what? i even can use the #21 color! hahahaha


sumpah it easy to blend on my skin and its also blend so well. recommended!!!!!!

selfie depan kamera ;p excuse my open poress

if you're intrested with this AQUA CUSHION you can buy it from LAZADA → KLAVUU ON LAZADA ❤

you also can visit their page :-

** this is a sponsored post but all opinions are mine

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  1. Wow this is nice. Currently im using BB Cushion from silkygirl (second attempt of using cushion) as one of my friend recommend to me. It do helps especially in wide coverage and also the moisturize part.

    Glad you have found product that suitable to your skin and nice post! :D

    1. my sister also use bb cushion from silkygirl. nanti nak try!!!

  2. Klavuu. Kelabu? Haha. Gurau jap XD But nice textjre tho (the klavuu cushion cream :) )

    1. hahaha my friend also cakap eh kelabu ke klavuu? hehehe nice dan takbercapuk!

  3. bila pakai tu rasa sticky tak kat muka
    dulu saya pernah pakai cushion n tak berapa suka dgn tekstur dia sbb buatkan kulit berminyak T__T

    1. tak. sebab dab sikit sikit je hehe. mungkin kulit awak jenis oily kot :)

  4. cushion tu apa? ahkak ni tak reti betul bab mekap2 hihi

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