Assalamualaikum! first of all excuse my bad english hehe im still trying ;)

so today i gonna review another  KLAVUU product that i received last week. Its an AQUA CUSHION!!! this is not my first time using cushion, i had tried more than one cushion before this but i found this aqua cushion is the best. this is my an honest confession; this aqua cushion is very very very suitable with my skin tone. im using the #23 color. for those who like korean cosmetic, you should get this aqua cushion a.s.a.p!

before this, when im using another cushion, when i applied it on my face, my face looks like a ghost hahaha! you know what i mean? even though they said the 23 shade gonna looks natural but it still look too light for my skin tone. and its also looks so cracked on my face. i only use the cushion once and never touch it anymore -___-

for me la kan, i do like to wear makeup to look natural hehehehe bukannya bercapuk putih macam hantu :p so i prefer this aqua cushion bcs i loooks sooo natural to me la.

why i like this aqua cushion?

* the packaging is so nice! and i like blue hehaha!
* its have SPF 50+ PA+++ sunblock.
* the texture are so soft and its also moisturize your skin

* easy to blend.
* its has a good smell too :p
* its can cover the scar, pimple and whatever on your face hahaha!
* its also can whiten your skin
* its looks natural on you skin

fyi, this aqua cushion have two color which is #21 (light) and #23 (natural) but guess what? i even can use the #21 color! hahahaha


sumpah it easy to blend on my skin and its also blend so well. recommended!!!!!!

selfie depan kamera ;p excuse my open poress

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** this is a sponsored post but all opinions are mine