Assalamualaikum and hi everyone!

so today i would like to share with uolls this one superb korean skincare  it is a serum mask from KLAVUU. if you wonder about KLAVUU brand, its a korean brand. 

'KLAR' expressing cleanliness in Swedish
A compound word consisting of a combination of 'VUU: view' that metaphors / beliefs
"Klar View" "Clear and transparent conviction" is expressed by the concept.
'O' typography refers to the trust of beauty care brand and the nature of the brand.
Symbolically implies.
Among the many gems, the only form of shellfish produced is Pearl,
KLAVUU's belief is that if you are dreaming of jewelry, pearls, eternal heritage, clean beauty and purity of nature pearl-clear and radiant skin, it will be your only beauty secret.

so i had given a chance to give a tried about this mask. since im a face mask lover, im so exciting to try this out. when i got the parcel, im super exciting to see they gave me two face mask! thankyou KLAVUU!! so i had tried this product last night. how i applied this face mask ;- first of all i will wash my face then applied toner then i use this face mask. after i remove the mask sheet, i can feel the difference. my skin was sooo soft! you should this product too!

everything are superb about this mask but the mask sheet is quite small for my chubby face hehehehee 


* Patented PTC sheet - 3D technology and thin
-so this serum had been created to fit every face type
-the mask sheet is very soft and comfort to my face.
-even though it is thin, but the mask sheet has a capability of embracing more nutrition than any other sheet.

* Have a lot of nutrition
-this serum mask contain one bottle of serum and pearl extract (its gonna make your skin more bright and whiten after using this mask)
-it also can prevent wrinkle improvement (wowww! this is so great)

*2nd best sheet mask in Korea.
-woww! for what i had read, after the fashion week in Korea, models discussed what is the best sheet at the backstage. Vogue revealed that chatting and top models pick KLAVUU white pearl serum mask as 2nd best mask sheet in Korea  you can read the full article about this at VOGUE .

there are a lot of advantage in just a pieces of mask sheet kan? so what are you waiting for? lets grab the mask sheet! if you're intrested with this mask sheet you can buy it from LAZADA → KLAVUU ON LAZADA ❤

you also can visit their page :-

** this is a sponsored post but all opinions are mine