after a long time no see, im back. back to few days ago, im very busy with my work and my personal life. so today, i wanna make a short review about KLAVUU ACTRESS CREAM. i had try this korean skincare last weeks and this is my honest review about it.

so i applied this actress cream in the morning and when im at my workplace, one of my workmate ask me "weh pykah pakai apa awat muka lain" lepastu sibuk cari cermin, weh betul lah awat glowing hahahaha im only use the actress cream + bb cream from garnier and bedak baby johnson weh. no compact powder yesterday bcs im sooooo lazy and im late! i had gelarkan yesterday was a selekeh day until my workmate cakap muka i lain. wehh best weh!! but Kedah was so hot. everyday was hot. in the afternoon, when im going to have lunch, time nak tacap lipstick semua kan, my face was a little bit oily but!!! bila oily muka nampak glowing hiks. then when im home after work, im using a wipe tissue to remove all the things on my face, guess what? nothing on the tissue which mean, the actress cream + the bb cream had gone away before im home hahaha T.T so for the conclusion for my "short" review, this actress cream is so good ; its blend well on my skin, tak bercapuk, and i think my skin rasa lembut but its make my skin oily :( maybe i gonna buy this cream soon (10 more years :p) because the price sob sob

me using KLAVUU ACTRESS CREAM. excuse my parut campak hahahahaha

why you should buy this actress cream?

+ has SPF 30 PA++. so you dont need to wear another sunscreen!

+ its 5 in 1 product!! for those who kedekut like me, then you should have this cream hahahaha. in just a bottle of cream its provide makeup base + primer + sunscreen + pearl base + fixer. this product can help to improve your skin condition everyday and its also support your makeup. why? because the actress cream contains 5 pre makeup products (which is i had mentioned it before) so its gonna help your makeup blend very well!

+ make your skin instant glow and white! this actress cream contain extracts from Korean Pearl and pearl micro particles that fit the skin evenly for glowing pearl shine.

how to apply this actress cream

mix this actress cream with your foundation at a 1:1 ratio. no need to apply another sunscreen!

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** this is a sponsored post but all opinions are mine