TANGLIN WALKS - THE TRAIL THAT RARELY TAKEN | Tanglin is one of our island’s most salubrious addresses that comes with mega-sized homes displaying equally mammoth price tags. It nestles along the Orchard Road area and within walking distance to Singapore’s celebrated shopping belt and elegant landmarks and condominiums like the Boulevard 88 . Despite being one of the Singapore’s most central and upscale neighbourhoods, our Tanglin hides couple of stunning walks that will attract tourists and locals as if they have forgotten they are located in the heart of Singapore’s busiest district.

Trail 1: Phoenix Park to Tanglin Post Office
The trail that will bring you to a secret hideaway nestled among majestic trees and buildings. Let’s start off with Phoenix Park and stroll along the narrow concrete walkway down with one of the greenest pasture in Singapore. Phoenix Park is marked as historic site, it was built by the British to house their key offices of their colonial administration, completed in year 1949. 

This straight route charms you even more when you stroll along the Tanglin road that leads the wanderer to the heart of the Orchard Road belt, a mere five-minute drive away. Walk past the grand estates of lofty developments such as Tanglin Park, Tanglin Hill Meadows, Tanglin Condominium and a quaint little domicile called Michael Apartments. The riotous greenery keeps the scenic walk cool and refreshing that attracts joggers to work out along this route. Best part is the track is coolest in the early evening or after a refreshing rain. The estimated time for this walk from Phoenix Park to Tanglin Post Office span around 20 minutes.

Trail 2: Botanic Gardens’ Tanglin Gate to Tyersall Gate
As you enter this botanical UNESCO heritage site through Tanglin entrance’s stately gates, you will be transport to the green haven. The moment you step in, traffic noises are immediately cut off as you will be impressed by impressive old trees looming high and flowering bushes sweeping the garden’s earthy parts. 

The passage from Tanglin Gate to Tyersall Gate will bring you to a lakeside pagoda, a rippling lake and a mad shout of leaves and fronds that tumbles in every shade of green that is available from Crayola. Bonsai plants and succulents are line-up in this part of gardens. The trail will take you about half hour or more.

The first botanical garden then was setup by Sir Stamford Raffles who is also a keen naturalist, in 1822 on Government Hill at Fort Canning which is mainly to introduce into cultivation economic crops. Sadly, it was closed in year 1829 and, in year 1859, at the present Tanglin site a new garden was developed by an Agri-Horticultural Society, and later handed over to the government in 1874. From an ornamental garden with roads, terraces, a band parade area and even a small zoo, it has come a long way in evolving into a leading equatorial botanic garden of 82 hectares filled with major world crops like rubber trees and orchid flowers were launched. 

Trail 3: Dempsey Hill’s Nature Heritage Trail
A little bit of history here, close to two centuries ago, nutmeg trees thrived and bore fruit on a farm named Mount Harriet that comfortably spread on the hills of Dempsey. The idyllic milieu came to a diseased end when blight devoured the nutmeg trees and the plantation ceased.

Today, the old nutmeg plantations have transformed into Singapore’s version of London Knightsbridge, a genteel, sophisticated enclave squirrelled out of town’s sight, home to fancy restaurants, cozy cafes and first-rate watering holes. Beneath this epicurean veneer, Dempsey Hill still retains its rich heritage and is home to several featured trails, including the Nature Heritage Trail. 

This trek begins from St. George Church, which was Tanglin Barracks’ garrison church till 1971. Amble past the celerated White Rabbit, a fine-dining establishment settled in a former church. You would probably walk through little roads that bring you to the doorstep of stores specialising in furniture, antiques and some home decor items. The trail lasts as long as travellers wish it to, making it an ideal lazy afternoon spent exploring this cosy spot near the town. 

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