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BOHEMIAN DéCOR IN YOUR MALAYSIA HOUSE | The decoration of a house plays a major role in determining the mood of the place. The decoration of the house also has an effect on the mood of the people living in the house, thus it is important to pay attention to the decoration. A good looking house is the key for getting rid of anxiety and stress. Adding lively decorative touches aids in increasing the appeal of rooms. Bohemian décor is one of the famous decorating trends which is the perfect blend of eclectic and fun without trying too hard. Currently, there are numbers of Damansara Perdana house for sale where you can have one and try out the Bohemian décor. Here are some tips to achieve the Bohemian style décor.

1. Bohemian Colors
While there are no rules when it comes to Bohemian decorating, warm earthy colors are common such as metallics and jewel tones. You will want to consider deep browns, greens, and grays for base colors, and then accessorize with saturated purple, orange, and electric blue. Mixing and layering colors is what makes this style stands out. For example, plush chairs and couches in saturated colours. Adding pattern and colors to walls, fabrics and even stair treads makes this style unique too. There is no caution against clashing colors since many of the fabrics used in this style combine such colors as pink and orange. If you are thinking that bohemian style only uses dark tones, then you will be surprised to know that using bright and light colours work really well too. You just need to make sure to use distressed prints and seasoned colours for that easy and eclectic style. If you want a bright bohemian room, you may use bright colors like greens and pinks in combination with some colorful accessories to make this bright bohemian room, beautiful and unique.

2. Matching is not essential
A fundamental characteristic of the Bohemian style is the coming together of patterns and textures. So stop emphasizing about having things match and let’s come up with some clever ways to make the things you love work well together to create a beautiful layered and interesting home. For example, use a kaleidoscope patterned scarf as a curtain, put a chunky crocheted throw pillow with tassels on rattan chair, pair geometric patterns with florals.

3. Furniture
To fit in Bohemian decor with Malaysian centric furniture and interior is a lot easier than you think, as traditional as we use batik motifs and rattan to decorate our home. In contrast to the increasingly popular trend of minimalism, the Bohemian style is best captured when every corner is filled. Stack your shelves with books and souvenirs from your travels. For example, rattan is the perfect natural material to incorporate in a bohemian living room. 

4. Lighting
Ambient, minimalist lighting will merge your Boho room and complete the calm and welcoming feel. Instead of overhead fixtures, decorate with multiple lanterns, candles, and floor and table lamps. Nowadays, global design markets make it easy to find a variety of shapes and styles which are perfect for the mix-and-match look.

5. Greenery
Implementation the natural world is central to this style, so bring your room to life with leaves and hanging plants. Greenery is a great way to bring some relief and brightness to a colourful and packed Bohemian-inspired space. Strategically placed near windows and on shelves, a bright and leafy potted plant will break up the busyness of the textures and patterns by bringing some order to the chaos. Look for plants with lots of big green leaves and creeping tendrils. Fresh if best, of course, but realistic faux plants work just as well.

6. DIY Art Work
Finally, work together your Boho room with family heirlooms, handmade items, and objects from your travels. Accessories should tell your story, so feature what you love, for example, tapestries, vintage bottles or maps. And bear in mind that while Bohemian style tends to be eclectic, it can still be chic and glamorous, thus do not be afraid to try out an fancy chandelier or a chunky gold-framed mirror. You may reuse old frames with vibrant spray paint colors. Besides that, you may decorate plain frames with resin motifs; paint old lamps for a fun look; mix and match lamp styles and materials; paint your own canvas, frame pieces of fabric or wallpaper.

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  1. Walaupun Sis ko tak berapa nak memahami semuanya tapi nengok gambar dia..perghhhh lawanyaaaaa DIY je tuuu kannn

  2. Gaya Boho ni lawa.. tapi tak kenan kat jiwa. haha

  3. tak kena ngn jiwa akak kalau gaya bohemian nih... almaklum akak ni jenis pesen gaya evergreen sikit

  4. suka deko2 rumah tapi tak baper nak kreatip..

  5. cantik juga concept Boho.. bila la nak dapat rumah sendiri. boleh deco2 ikut taste =)