WHICH ONE IS BETTER? HIGH-RISE HOMES VS LANDED HOMES |  Population in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor has been increasing over the years as many youngsters from other states moving to the bustling cities to look and start their career opportunities. This shows that there is a need for them to look for a house to stay and reside and also affordability is a factor, suburbs further than city is preferred like Kota Damansara, Seksyen 17 PJ or other areas. However, these areas has got varieties of housing type like landed property and high-rise property, which is better? Let’s see the pros and cons of the both housing type.

Let’s put it in details for comparison of high-rise house and landed house.

High-rise homes
Landed homes
Condos and upscale apartments usually has a variety range of facilities from swimming pools, gyms, tennis courts or even BBQ podium for hosting parties

Larger space
They are perfect for raising a family and you will also have the freedom to make liberal modifications to the place without worrying size constraint. Imagine your children can roam around the size freely.

Lower barrier entry
If comparing high-end luxury condos with landed properties, you might notice that pricing is around the same, depending on facilities, location and size. There are condos that provides basic facilities which are typically cheaper than landed homes. Besides, it makes great entry purchase budding property investors.

Higher resale value
Depending on the location, landed properties typically appreciate better in long run. It would make more sense that to hold on these properties for five years or more before selling to reap profits.
Receives better rental yield
One of the reasons why high-rise properties make solid investment as tenants are easier to find for those who wants to be nearer to city areas or near colleges.
Usually most of the landed houses are located far away from the city is even tranquil and serene. A person who enjoys peacefulness will enjoy the tranquil landed houses that is away from the bustling city.

Safe security
Every residents have their own access cards to access to their homes. Besides, guests are required to register themselves to the security guard and check against with the residence. Every floor’s corridors and walkway have CCTVs around.

Owner of the landed house can apply for the landed house to be converted into commercial property for running business like SS2 and Jalan Maarof in Bangsar. That way you still can use the landed house converted to commercial property and collect rental from business owners or run your own business.

High-rise homes
Landed homes
Management fees
Added amenities in the said housing type comes with a fee. You will need to set aside money for long term maintenance costs of common area and repairs for the building (sinking fund).

Expensive in city areas
If you want to stay near the city and with the distance 20 to 25 minutes away from the city, be prepared to pay for higher price as land in city area is scarce and high demand. Thus, the price soar higher and faster. But if you are willing to settle in suburbs, there are more affordable options.

Space constraint
Usually smaller and modest in size than landed homes and residents with growing family will have hard time cramping into the limited space. But, smaller family, single or couples may be more suitable for them.

More upkeep and maintenance
With great space comes with great responsibility; you will need to fork out more money for repairing, maintenance and upkeeping your house like those water piping, ceilings or walls crack and other kinds of damages. Plus, if you have larger gardens, you will need to pay for your mowing and lawn care.

Living in high rise homes comes with a set of limitations such as rules imposed by Residence Association for pet owners, limited parking as well and noise concerns.

Unless you have trusted security guard services and home alarms installed, landed properties in Malaysia usually have higher chances being a target for burglaries and robberies.

Based on the comparisons,  are you still able to choose which one is more suitable for yourself? In short, if you have a large family living under one roof, landed houses is more suitable as you need more space and living for long-term. But, if you are single or married couple looking to enjoy some freedom, high-rise property would be a better choice in terms of cost and space. 

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  1. Baguslah ada perbandingan macam ini.. Membantu mereka-mereka yang bakal membeli rumah.. Setiap rumah ada kelebihan dan kekurangan..

  2. aida always prefer landed props.
    pernah tinggal di apartment. tak best :(
    tapi tu la. terpulang kpd masing2 punyer citarasa.
    janji ada rumah, kan. alhamdulillah...

  3. k.fiezz & asben prefer landed...kalau beli barang2 dapur, terus masuk dlm rumah..tak yah nak naik lif bagai..lotih...haha

  4. Sejak dulu duduk di landed house la ni teringin duk rumah yang tinggi2 lak :)

  5. mmg bagus buat perbandingan mcm ni. baru lah kita nmpak kan..

  6. aaaaaaa.. hmmmm. sebab english so tak bace dengan hadam. baca sekadar baca. hopefully membantu mereka yang perlukan info ni.