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thanks to Miss A for tagging me. since takbusy harini, jom jawab soalan!
- Thank the person who tagged you
- Answer their 11 questions


1. What is your goals in life ?
get a permanent job with a high salary, life happily with my family and the love one, meet a person who gonna love  me no matter what and be rich haha

2. The best place that you had visit ?
my room hahaha takdak tempat lain yang best selain bilik sendiri

3. Tell me about your hobbies ?
eat and gain my weight huh

4. Your favourite movie ? ( 5 only )
tentang bulan, anak mami, mami jarum the movie, nana tanjung *sorry sis membesar dengan cerita ni ><*

5. At what time you usually go to sleep at night ?

6. What is the happiest thing that happened in your life ?
im still searching for it huhu

7. What genre of music do you like ?
jiwang & cinta cintun haha

8. Try to imagine, your money in your hand is one million. What will you do with that money ?
buy a house, buy a car, give to my parents and to my nenek, simpan dalam bank, belanja kawan kawan, melancong dan iolls belanja hahaha

9. Your ambition when you was kid ?
a teacher. i love seeing my teacher teach me. takpernah bosan nak pandaikan anak murid dia, walaupun nakal, tak dengar cakap, huwaaaa nak sekolah balik!

10. the memories that make you remember until today ?
meet my cousins back after 8 years? dapat 5A time UPSR dan dapat makan pizza dengan abah a long long time ago......

11. Who is your idol ?
 Nabi Muhammad S.W.T.

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